Hey sista!


I am so happy you landed on this page & I hope you enjoy it here!

Before I start blubbering about myself I would like to say a bit about TEAm up Girl.

This is a community of women for women who believe we are better together. I myself write posts that I think could be helpful to others and my life stories that helped me realize something important in order to live a happier life.

There are also posts from my lovely Team up Girls that they were willing to share. These are in Team Efforts category.

Join us to show that you also care and believe that we rise by lifting up others.


about team up girl

I was born a long time ago in the old Czech Republic. Oh, if you have no idea where is it, no worries, nobody really does #wearenotapartofRussia. Some people call it the heart of Europe. Well, I don’t know about that, but it definitely didn’t let my heart to evolve.

Just so you know, I was very unhappy, quite unhealthy (willfully trying to prove the opposite), poor living creature. Also, I had big loan to pay off (told ya I was poor), about 20 failed relationships on my list (ok, maybe not that many, but certainly it felt that way) and unfinished college degree (by will, because who needs that, right?! Ah…).

Therefore one day I decided I’ve had enough and I had to leave. Long story short. I got rid of the majority of my things #stillmissingmymug, said goodbye and left. I got to the USA as an au-pair to figure out what-the-heck-am-I-gonna-do.

I went through about zillion battles with myself! I got out of the whole mess-here-mess-there-mess-everywhere situation with 20 less pounds, married to my best friend (became a military wife along the way), totally in love with traveling (and my hubby of course). And I have my own business!!!!! #happydance

BTW my business is called CreaTEAve Media and it’s the manifestation of what I believe: Live your creative life here & now and rock your online presence! It’s an online studio where I help fabulous entrepreneurs (I think all of them are fabulous and you can be, too!) to rock their website, social media, business strategy and more…


And no worries, I am not planning to brag about myself here much longer. I just wanted you to get to know me a bit better. I still struggle, I am definitely imperfect and I want to share it with you. Because my first big wish is that YOU feel happy, inspired, lucky, fulfilled and exactly how you want to feel! 

And no, I don’t know you, I don’t know a thing about you, but if every person is happy, at the end it’s good for all of us! 

And my second wish is that all women realize how much better we are supporting each other. You can read about it in posts like this one.

I would say that’s as much as you need to know about me for now, so sit back and let’s #teamupgirl with new posts (& some tea). 

Also, don’t forget to head over to our Facebook group and let us know who YOU are! I can not be Team up Girl alone. I mean, I could, but I’d prefer to get to know you!

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