Why To Be Part of Girl Boss Community?

Why To Be Part of Girl Boss Community?

Hi everyone,

You know… I realized that moving to another country doesn’t always have to be as fun as it sounds. Especially, if you move to Wichita Falls where you don’t know anybody… and it’s kinda in the middle of nowhere and nobody really wants to get to know you (and you don’t want to get to know them)! Except Frankie, thanks God for Frankie (GIRL, I really appreciate you)! ANYWAY, I am not about to complain. Actually, exactly the opposite. 

In the last 6 months I’ve met SO many amazing girls, mostly girlbosses, or becoming girlbosses, girls who want to achieve something, girls who are going after something, girls who don’t just talk about what they want but they go after it every single day, girls that inspire me everyday, lift me up when I am down and encourage me in following my dreams. I feel SO lucky that I have found them, this community, because I don’t think I would believe in myself enough not having these people virtually *around me*. Even if only as an inspiration that it IS possible.

To name just few from top of my head:

Celeste from Lace and Sparkls who is just the cutest person ever!

Lauren from Ell Duclos who is going after her dream and is trying SO hard to achieve it and change her future!

Taylor from Taylor M Harrison who is writing a book! A book! (So basically she’s doing something that has always been my dream and I am honestly SO excited for you, Taylor!).

I mean, I also have my hubby who is amazing and supportive (and he’s such a good boy to read my blog regularly :-*) but he has his own bag of sh*t with the whole Air Force 😀 and let me tell ya it’s not exactly an entrepreneurship/you-make-your-own-choice oriented environment. It’’s more “suck it up and go”. 

And I don’t think I have achieved something big and now I am from all the sudden rich, famous, super successful and blah blah blah. NO. I am still at the beginning of my journey, still learning and still finding out every day “You know nothing John Snow” (#GameOfThronesObsessed). BUT I am so happy and proud of myself that I’ve made that first step. I launched the blog, I launched the graphic & website design studio, I am planning trips around the world. Aaaaah I am so excited that I am jumping around here right now :D.

So if you made it here, I just want to tell you again: YOU CAN DO THIS! Whatever it is. No matter how many enemies and obstacles might be waiting for you out there. No matter how much you’ll think you suck before you start. You can do this if you absolutely want it! And if there is something you can do for it today, just go and do it! Because I wish everybody felt how I feel right now when I am writing this post! (No promises for tomorrow, I still get the bad days haha). And make sure you have the right people, the inspiring people around you! And if you still doubt yourself, get your butt over to my last post where I talk about making the decision. 



P.S. The next post is going to be an amazing guest post from one of my *virtual* friends  🙂

Why Should You Make Your Decision?

Why Should You Make Your Decision?

Nothing ever stays the same. If you make a decision or if you don’t. Something happens. That’s probably why I had about 3 thousand break downs before I launched this site. Or my business site. I couldn’t decide IF I want to decide. And then I realized that even if decide not to decide (are you still following?!) I decide!

My thought process:

Who would ever read it? Why would they read it? Why do I even want to do it? What do I want to write about? Oh boy!

And then:

What if I don’t ever do it? How would I feel?


“Can I just curl up under my blanket in the corner of my bedroom and be invisible?” Ah… yeah, that’s about how it went before you got to see this website. Also, there was some serious “wining”* if you know what I mean.

As you know, I am always looking for some moral in the story. The moral #1 should be: Don’t be afraid to get yourself a glass of wine before dinner. And moral #2 if you have once decided you want to do it, then DO IT! And the thing that is stopping you — whether it’s dressed up as a “I feel sick” or “There are so many better and more inspiring people out there” feeling — does NOT matter. That’s just your little ego-stopper trying to stay in the comfort zone because that’s where ego-stopper feels the best! And it sounds something like this: “you better don’t do anything new, different or courageous or I’ll find you and kick your butt” kinda thing. 

I know this post is short but I thought you would actually appreciate it since you’re probably sitting by the pool, on the beach, drinking cocktails or just simply having fun during this 2017 summer! But if you feel like reading more, I bet you didn’t read why Team up Girl is named Team up Girl. You can read it here. 



* wining (for my Czech friends or any other friends) = originally it was whining but I added some good amount of wine to it

why make decision
Why Your Life Is What You Make It?

Why Your Life Is What You Make It?

If you read my blog from the beginning or you read at least more than one post, maybe you are a bit confused by “what the heck is she writing about?”.

My main reason was, is and (hopefully) always will be to #teamupgirl AKA bring women and girls together to support each other and realize how is it ok to be imperfect but real.

So maybe once in a while you don’t understand why do I write about “Why Should You Trust Your Gut” or “Women & Men. Why Is It Awesome to be Different” or “Why Should You Do Social Media Detox”. It might seem like these topics have nothing in common… but they do, more than you think.

I believe we can truly lift up others ONLY when we understand ourselves (at least a bit) and when we are happy with ourselves.

And by that, I mean completely happy, by yourself (like you can sit on an empty island happy).

We can try to lift up others when we are not OK, but it won’t last long. And most likely it will be fake (yep, sorry to break that bubble for ya, but I’ve been there). And don’t take me wrong, I am definitely not a Mrs. Perfect role model. Heck no.

Actually, I am being very selfish because I write about my thought processes and I do it to help me to understand myself better. And the reason I do it on a regular basis is YOU, readers. I am kinda using you I guess… And it doesn’t matter if I am the only reader, or it is my husband and I or I have million readers. What matters is that I am grateful for every one and each person that spends the time reading my posts and even more if that person thinks about it after closing the window.

Some people say this age is super fast, hectic and full of distractions. I say it is what you make it” (and I can already hear some people protesting).

Who says you have to have 5 different Social Media accounts and be active there every day? Oh, are you a business owner? Well, get a VA if you don’t want to do that!
Are you a blogger and your main fan base is hanging out on Instagram? Well, then you and your Instagram posts are who most likely made it happen. If you don’t like it, change it!

It’s not like we are stuck forever in our daily life exactly how it is today.

I know, I know, some of you don’t want to hear about it. But I believe life is about choices. And whether you choose to do something or not. That is your choice.


I seriously *hate* when people go on and on and on about how this and that sucks and their job sucks and their boss sucks and their husband sucks… and they don’t even try to change their situation. Not the person who is pissing them off. The situation, the choice. Is it REALLY the only option to stay? Or could you put yourself together and make a change?! I am not saying it’s easy. But is it there? Yes? Then go for it… or stop complaining because you don’t have the right to complain over and over again about the same thing if you didn’t even try (really try) to change it.

And do you know why do I feel this way? Because I was the complainer #1! I could’ve spent hours and hours complaining and sitting on my butt and complaining some more. Gross. I feel like throwing up when I think about my previous self now. Fuj (that’s Czech equivalent to yuck).

And it’s not like I do not ever complain now. I do. But then I immediately realize it, stop and find a solution to my situation ASAP.

Well, I didn’t see the post going in this direction…:D

I could probably end it with some piece of wisdom. I hope you don’t mind it’s from one of my favorite books.

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Albus Dumbledore by J. K. Rowling

Women & Men. Why Is It Awesome To Be Different?

Women & Men. Why Is It Awesome To Be Different?

Ok, this week’s topic was bothering me for quite a while now and I have to get it out.
As I said before, I am not a feminist but I don’t like when somebody acts like “difference is a problem”. Let’s take a workspace as an example.

What’s up with women and men at work? Why would EVER somebody didn’t want to hire a woman? Because we are emotional, because we can get pregnant, because we can get attached?
Well unless we really mess up or have to do some unwanted heavy lifting, there is no reason to hire a man instead.

And I don’t want to just blame it on men. I mean, depending on the situation. But honestly, we are also doing it to ourselves. YES!
Emma Watson once said: “Women feel like we need a permission… We need to lead and change that.” And she couldn’t be more right.

That’s how I felt my whole life. I need a permission to do this, to do that, to start this, to exist. And it worked… pretty sh*itty. Even when I spoke with my mom after I got married she said: “Well maybe you should ask Zach, it’s his apartment.” NO!!!

It is OUR apartment and by marrying me he agreed on it. It’s our couch, our bed, our closet, our money. Yes, I am not gonna be a b*tch and spend all of the money he made (because I wasn’t allowed to work before) on my new wardrobe… but I do NOT need to ask him to re-arrange the inside of the kitchen cabinets when I am the one who cooks more anyway.

He manages money, I make our place home. He takes out the trash, I grocery shop. He cleans up the dishes, I cook. I clean up the bathroom, he vacuums. And yes, even though he spends about 12 hours a day at work (*update – I do work now too yaay), everything we do at home is ½ and ½.

We both live here, we both make mess, we both want to keep our home nice and clean. And the best of all? He understands that.

However, do you think he would just assume and do all of that just because? Well, maybe. He’s sweet. And I am thrilled to have him. But he has a different perspective on things. So I asked him (actually, multiple times about certain things haha). I explained him why I think this balance is important. And he gets it. And that’s why I respect him so much (and sometimes I even vacuum instead of him haha).


So back to the workspace.

I get it, girls and boys are different. We have boobs, guys not really (I mean, mostly…). Guys have *something* and girls don’t.  Yes, we are also different with our behavior, intuition, the way of dealing with stress, tasks and blah, blah, blah… but that is THE BEST.

We should be SO happy and SO grateful we are not the same!

Are you seriously asking “why”? Well because that’s how we ALL win. Have you ever listened to Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar? (I looooove them). Because they knew that the power is in couples (not necessarily romantic couples). The power is in the differences. The power is in us together. Because you guys have flows, we girls have flows. And remember? We are different, therefore with pretty easy math, we could have different flows. And that’s how you fill up a gap.

You know what? Ask any powerful married man if he ever used at work something his wife figured out. And ask any powerful married women the same. If they say “no” they are either lying or in a not very happy marriage.


What I’m trying to say.

Girls, be happy we are different and guys you be happy some more. And embrace the differences. Don’t try to be the same as the opposite sex. Because we were meant to be equal partners from the very beginning. And we couldn’t exist without each other. As humans, as partners, as co-workers.

Ah… that feels so good to get it out of my chest! And if you agree, feel free to comment below. Or actually, even if you don’t, I am curious what other people think 🙂



How I was nominated for The Liebster Award

How I was nominated for The Liebster Award

You can’t even imagine how many times my auto correct changed it from The Liebster Award to a Lobster Award. 🥇

Ok, now seriously.

I am so happy I was nominated for The Liebster Award by Paula from The Value of The Moment! I am very happy to accept it and thank you again, Paula!!!

For all of you who have about zero idea what does it mean – it’s an award for new bloggers and a way to help the new bloggers to be seen. Therefore I am going to share MY discoveries AKA nominees, too.

As a part of the nomination is answering questions I was asked. I hope you all find out some funny facts about me :). 

1. Describe your perfect day

My perfect day would be quite similar to the days I have now (#humble). I would wake up in some sweet sunny place (Bali, Hawaii, San Francisco….) and have my morning tea while watching a sunrise on our front porch. Then I would read a book, do a little meditation, post a picture on Instagram and start working on my graphic design or webdesigns 🙂
My lunch break would involve some yoga, or other physical exercise and good gluten free (or even vegan?) meal!
And then delicious healthy dinner (which I didn’t have to make) with a glass of wine:). Aaaaand some snuggling time with my hubby, of course!

So far I got the tea (no sunny porch), reading, Instagram, gluten free lunch and snuggling! (Just in case you were wondering haha)


2. What is your “why “behind your blog?

My “why”? If I were to explain briefly… it’s all the acting-like-still-on-highschool-bitches!! (Uff sorry for the language)

Just kidding. I mean, yes and no.

I have a big wish that all of us girls realize how much we are worth and also that we can achieve way more together. By supporting each other, by lifting each other, by being true.
That we can be real even with “strangers” and we don’t have to pretend everything is always perfect. I mean, I wrote a whole post about it called We Can Be Perfectly Imperfect Team up Girls! 

3. What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?

Haha, well that is a question. I would say “making my husband think it was his idea” if joking.
“Speak fluently Czech, Spanish and English” if I were realistic.
And “telling people the true, even if that is something they don’t want to hear and help them with the “why” something is happening” if I could express what I hope is my strength.


4. What 3 shows are your favorites?

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Gilmore Girls and who needs a third one if you have these?


5. If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at getting a gold medal in?

Hmmm…. Probably “kill your plant as fast as you can” although it was supposed to live without a water or sun. I am seriously the champ in this one!

My Nominees:

Anna from Filled Cup 
Amelie from Dear Amelie
Jackie from On the Other Side of Depression 
Miri from 30s and Searching
Jen from Brains And Heart

Each of these girls has a totally different perspective on life but still have something in common. Be sure to check them out 🙂

Congratulation to you ladies!!! And don’t forget to check out the lovely person who nominated me because I am more than grateful 🙂

And last but not least, here are my question for the nominees:
1. Where do you write your posts? At home, coffee shops, office… and what is important for you there to stay inspired?
2. What is your blog mission or goal?
3. Who is the biggest supporter of your blogging passion?
4. Where would you live if you could right now? (Or visit if you are 100% happy where you are:) )
5. What was the hardest thing you have done and you are VERY proud you did? (The one you want to share)

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