Put Your Sh*t Together and Get It Done!!!

Put Your Sh*t Together and Get It Done!!!

Put your sh*t together and get it done!

So I am thinking whether this is the name of my blog post or is it just my inner voice yelling at me. I don’t know how about you peeps (this is my favorite word only because of Lucas -my previous host kid- used to use it all the time and it stuck in my head) but this summer went by sooooooo freaking quickly.

I mean yes, I managed to travel quite a bit. Not to brag about myself or anything but I feel pretty good about my New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France trip. Especially, after I was “stuck” in Wichita Falls for the last… hmmm… 9 months?!

Not only I got to see my family and friends but my dear hubby finally has met them! (Hip hip hurraaaay!).

Anyway, besides that, I also managed to be behind on everything. EVERYTHING! Except for food,  I think I ate enough food in advance and should be good until Christmas. (How convenient. At least I’ll have more time to catch up on other stuff now that I don’t have to eat!)

So how do you catch up on your to-do list? Or even better, how do you catch up on your dream list?

Hard. Hardly ever?

I don’t think there is some other option. Have you ever thought about it? I bet there is no day in your calendar when a new task (or new dream-pursuing-task) doesn’t pop up. There is always some more laundry to do, shelves to dust or Gilmore Girls to watch. Wait a minute, that’s not a task! Ok, delete the Gilmore Girls.

But am I right?!

If not, I owe you a PSL. And if you don’t like PSL… well, I’ll make the sacrifice and have one on you.

So I hope by now you are getting pretty stressed out and you are thinking “why the heck am I even reading this?!”. Hmmm… maybe just because you already saw all the new Instagram posts, Facebook feed is a mess and you still have some time to kill before you go home from work.

put sht together get done

Don’t take me wrong, I am honored you decided to spend your time reading this. Even if it’s your work time. Or workout time.

So back to the to-do-dream-list.

If you can, put your lists next to you right now. If you don’t have it with you, make a new one. If you’ve never had one (or five) make fresh one RIGHT NOW! And wait for the next steps in my instructions.


Master Plan List:


1. Make sure you have your list


2. Cross off everything you actually don’t want to do

Do you really want to jump out of the plane? Win the cheeseburger eating contest? Run a marathon? Run a marathon after you win cheeseburger eating contest? Be honest and really cross off all of the “dreams” and things you think it would be cool to do but you actually don’t want to do it!


3. Cross off everything unnecessary

Do you need to iron your socks? (You are probably laughing but my mom irons TOWELS!)

You just simply don’t. Probably, you don’t need to iron at all. Unless you have to wear shirts. Then I guess you should iron or bring it to dry cleaners. But you probably don’t have to wear shirts. I haven’t had iron in my hand since 2012. I simply don’t iron. It just gets all wrinkly while you drive from your apartment to work. (AKA from bed to the kitchen for me)

So who knows if you even ironed at the first place?!


4. Cross off everything that has been sitting on your to do list since 2005.

Seriously, you are NOT going to do it. Unless it was “get drunk with my parents” and you just turned 21.

I am talking about “plant flowers in the front yard”, “go to yoga class”, “learn French”, “learn how to knit”, “learn how to cook”. Unless you go to the yoga class this week, where you meet your new gardener Paolo, followed by French knitting club where you talk about cooking. Otherwise just CROSS IT OFF.

Or you wanna go to Bali? Well, then make research today. What do you need, when is the best time to go, …? Put up a jar to save up money, get your passport application going. Start today or… cross it off. All of it.


5. Cross off everything your mom (or dad) told you should do and you have zero interest in doing so

Unless you still live with them. It is your list, your life, your hair! (Ignore the hair)


6. What’s left?

I would say cross it off but I want you to have something to worry about.


7. What would make you really happy if it just magically disappeared from your list? Cross it off

Unless it’s to pay bills, I think everybody should pay their bills and also shower and shave. And if you feel like it, you can pay my bills as well. I promise I can manage to shower and shave by myself.  

You know what I mean.

If you simply can’t cross it off, think if you can delegate it. Like.. you don’t have to go to see your child’s play if you really don’t want to because you have a headache and you’ve seen 6 plays last year and there are 5 more to come this year. But make your husband (mom, grandma, sister, neighbor…) go! (Really, your kid needs to see somebody there for him/her, It really used to upset me whenever I had a concert and nobody was there for me).


8. Recycle.

I mean it. I saved you SO much time so you could use at least a little bit of it to put your plastic bottles to a separate garbage can. It’s not that hard. Or just don’t buy plastic bottles at all if you are lazy to recycle.


That was a fun game, wasn’t it? I don’t want you to become a goal-less, useless, lazy creature. I only want you to be honest with yourself. I know me and if you like my posts you are probably at least a little bit like me. Even if just teeny tiny bit. I know I love creating lists that go on and on and on… so give yourself a break, cross off all the bulsh*t and focus on what you actually and really want/have to do. And recycling.


Love you,



P.S. If you still have some time left before you go home, check out my fave books in this post! 

Top 8 Books for All Amazing Girl Bosses

Top 8 Books for All Amazing Girl Bosses

Hello ladies, I missed you!

So I told ya that the next post is going to be about books. It all started when Harry Potter first came out and I just couldn’t stop reading. I was eating breakfast reading, I was eating lunch reading, I ignored my parents when reading *sorry not sorry*, I had some bathroom sessions reading (oh yes, I was a gross little kid), I was late because of reading. So if you haven’t picked up on it yet… I LOVE READING. And I love books.

I won’t tell you to start reading Harry Potter to become a better person (although… :-D). But I would like to mention books I loved lately and why. BTW you can click on the book and buy it right away from Amazon if you get suuuper excited! 

WHY do I want to talk about reading?

I know I became who I am because of reading. I think reading opens up your mind, helps your creativity, makes your brain use your imagination, helps you out with a vocabulary (especially if your first language is not English and you force yourself to read in English only :D), makes you look smart (I also got glasses, just to make sure it works), and just in general have you ever smelled a book?!

Enough of that.

If I didn’t give you enough reasons to read maybe the fact that the most successful people on this planet (or the ones that are no longer with us) read every single day could help you reconsider.

I don’t really read stories anymore. Except for real-life stories. Like this girl is a super bad-ass and how she did it kinda stories. And to give examples of books I read, have read and will get back to read, here is my TOP 8 list. 



1. You are a badass – Jen Sincero

This book is seriously hilarious! It is soooo easy to read, written in super chill-funny-on-point way! I wouldn’t stop reading it and I would have read it in one breath not being for the amazing “you gotta do this NOW” tasks Jen gives you. This book made me start thinking about my life differently and got my butt moving to actually start working on my dreams!

“Our greatest fears are the greatest waste of time.” 

2.  You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth: Jen Sincero

Yep, I don’t need to comment on this one. Bring it here. If it’s half as good as the first one, I’m buying a car to my parents soon! (You are right, I haven’t read this one, just wanted to point out what’s my next book).

3. Girl Code – Cara Alwill Leyba

This book is full of successful stories, wonderful advice and inspiration. (Told ya I read those). It’s based on interviews with other girlbosses. If you need to tune yourself up in the mornings, lift up your spirits and put there little “If she can, I can, too!” in a non-jealous entrepreneurial vibe, you should read this!  One story every morning gets you moving!

“Women are stronger when they stand together”.  Could she speak truer?!

4. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is different than I’ve expected it to be and it’s different than the previous ones. If I should summarize it in one sentence, I would say it’s a real-life story about how life can be magical. It’s more spiritually oriented. I am not sure if I agree with everything what Liz said in this book but I loved it. It’s all about creativity and the creative process within our minds. But you don’t have to be an artist to read the book, creativity is in everything, in our daily lives. Even in the way you put your clothes on in the morning.           #lazybutthere

“Whatever you do, try not to dwell too long on your failures.”

5. The Four Agreements  – Don Miguel Ruiz

This is a book I read a while ago and I keep coming back to it. It has a unique perspective on our lives, the way of living, people’s interactions and it helped me with not taking things personally.
I mean, I still do (like after couple glasses of wine) but most of the time I just end up feeling sorry for the person who is telling me I am a stupid b*tch because you know… I know (oh yes, I am serious, that has happened). If you struggle with “what people think about me” or “am I good enough”, this is a remedy for you! You just have to get through the introduction/first chapter and then it’s charming. Pinkie promise.
BTW we have two of these at home, one in Czech and one in English.

6. Seriously… I’m Kidding – Ellen Degeneres

I thought I am the only person in this world who has a freaking mess in her head and is quite often *vomiting* almost everything that crosses her mind. Well, I am not. As I wrote my review on Amazon “This book is seriously hilarious… and I am not even kidding.”
Also if you want to be super confused and laugh not knowing why are you even laughing because during the laugh you got confused again… I feel like I don’t even have to say more. Also, did you see who is the author?! If you doubt it, read the sample from on Amazon (Kindle) and I don’t think you’ll doubt reading this book anymore.

So serious and so kidding.


7. 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS-FREE Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve – Andrea Owen

This was a struggle. After I read few chapters I laughed, felt awful, put the book away because it was saying this that felt like a truth to me… And then got back to it. It was a struggle in a good way. Like when you don’t want to hear it but you know you need it. It is quite a bit about breakups and how to get over it… 
And it was full of valuable advice with a more than cool life story (and by cool I mean, it really sucked for her). You can get the sample first to find out if you like it ;-). 

8. Name Your Own Book – Katerina Decker 

Ok, ok… I admit. I kinda tricked you. Number 8 is my favorite number and “TOP 7 Books” sounded kinda lame. Also, one day I want to write a book, so I might as well name it like this. Who knows, right?! However, if you want or not the book #8 is the most important anyway because that’s the one you are going to read. And if it’s one of those I love or not, that’ totally up to you. I hope YOU will love it.


These were the books along the way from WHAT-I-WANT-TO-DO-WITH-MY-LIFE to I-HAVE-AN-ONLINE-BUSINESS-AND-MADE-SOME-MONEY. And I think every girl boss or upcoming girl boss should read at least one of them. Because believe it or not if you are not where you want to be in your life, you’ll have to change something. And if you need to change something, you can as well use a book to help you to find out what is it. Or even if you know.

Disclaimer: The books *work* only when you actually do something. Reading good stories is not gonna help you to get money in the bank.

Disclaimer #2: This post contains affiliate links, that means if you purchase anything through these links you get the book for a regular price (=no additional cost) but you help me out to get another cup of tea! Or Pumpkin Spice Latte during this season. I only recommend these books because I either love them or am planning on loving them. 

And BTW You can’t buy my love… but you can always bring me some PSL and I’ll do whatever you want.

Love you,


Why Should You Make Your Decision?

Why Should You Make Your Decision?

Nothing ever stays the same. If you make a decision or if you don’t. Something happens. That’s probably why I had about 3 thousand break downs before I launched this site. Or my business site. I couldn’t decide IF I want to decide. And then I realized that even if decide not to decide (are you still following?!) I decide!

My thought process:

Who would ever read it? Why would they read it? Why do I even want to do it? What do I want to write about? Oh boy!

And then:

What if I don’t ever do it? How would I feel?


“Can I just curl up under my blanket in the corner of my bedroom and be invisible?” Ah… yeah, that’s about how it went before you got to see this website. Also, there was some serious “wining”* if you know what I mean.

As you know, I am always looking for some moral in the story. The moral #1 should be: Don’t be afraid to get yourself a glass of wine before dinner. And moral #2 if you have once decided you want to do it, then DO IT! And the thing that is stopping you — whether it’s dressed up as a “I feel sick” or “There are so many better and more inspiring people out there” feeling — does NOT matter. That’s just your little ego-stopper trying to stay in the comfort zone because that’s where ego-stopper feels the best! And it sounds something like this: “you better don’t do anything new, different or courageous or I’ll find you and kick your butt” kinda thing. 

I know this post is short but I thought you would actually appreciate it since you’re probably sitting by the pool, on the beach, drinking cocktails or just simply having fun during this 2017 summer! But if you feel like reading more, I bet you didn’t read why Team up Girl is named Team up Girl. You can read it here. 



* wining (for my Czech friends or any other friends) = originally it was whining but I added some good amount of wine to it

why make decision
Why Your Life Is What You Make It?

Why Your Life Is What You Make It?

If you read my blog from the beginning or you read at least more than one post, maybe you are a bit confused by “what the heck is she writing about?”.

My main reason was, is and (hopefully) always will be to #teamupgirl AKA bring women and girls together to support each other and realize how is it ok to be imperfect but real.

So maybe once in a while you don’t understand why do I write about “Why Should You Trust Your Gut” or “Women & Men. Why Is It Awesome to be Different” or “Why Should You Do Social Media Detox”. It might seem like these topics have nothing in common… but they do, more than you think.

I believe we can truly lift up others ONLY when we understand ourselves (at least a bit) and when we are happy with ourselves.

And by that, I mean completely happy, by yourself (like you can sit on an empty island happy).

We can try to lift up others when we are not OK, but it won’t last long. And most likely it will be fake (yep, sorry to break that bubble for ya, but I’ve been there). And don’t take me wrong, I am definitely not a Mrs. Perfect role model. Heck no.

Actually, I am being very selfish because I write about my thought processes and I do it to help me to understand myself better. And the reason I do it on a regular basis is YOU, readers. I am kinda using you I guess… And it doesn’t matter if I am the only reader, or it is my husband and I or I have million readers. What matters is that I am grateful for every one and each person that spends the time reading my posts and even more if that person thinks about it after closing the window.

Some people say this age is super fast, hectic and full of distractions. I say it is what you make it” (and I can already hear some people protesting).

Who says you have to have 5 different Social Media accounts and be active there every day? Oh, are you a business owner? Well, get a VA if you don’t want to do that!
Are you a blogger and your main fan base is hanging out on Instagram? Well, then you and your Instagram posts are who most likely made it happen. If you don’t like it, change it!

It’s not like we are stuck forever in our daily life exactly how it is today.

I know, I know, some of you don’t want to hear about it. But I believe life is about choices. And whether you choose to do something or not. That is your choice.


I seriously *hate* when people go on and on and on about how this and that sucks and their job sucks and their boss sucks and their husband sucks… and they don’t even try to change their situation. Not the person who is pissing them off. The situation, the choice. Is it REALLY the only option to stay? Or could you put yourself together and make a change?! I am not saying it’s easy. But is it there? Yes? Then go for it… or stop complaining because you don’t have the right to complain over and over again about the same thing if you didn’t even try (really try) to change it.

And do you know why do I feel this way? Because I was the complainer #1! I could’ve spent hours and hours complaining and sitting on my butt and complaining some more. Gross. I feel like throwing up when I think about my previous self now. Fuj (that’s Czech equivalent to yuck).

And it’s not like I do not ever complain now. I do. But then I immediately realize it, stop and find a solution to my situation ASAP.

Well, I didn’t see the post going in this direction…:D

I could probably end it with some piece of wisdom. I hope you don’t mind it’s from one of my favorite books.

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Albus Dumbledore by J. K. Rowling

Why Should You Do Social Media Detox?

Why Should You Do Social Media Detox?

Aloha sista!

Ha! So I got into a place I didn’t want to be and almost promised myself not to get there before I even started this blog (I should have!). But it’s Tuesday night and I am thinking what am I gonna post tmr (I mean, today I guess.. or depending on when you’re reading it lol).

Not that I have nothing to say. I have plenty to say (believe me, my husband can’t stop me talking about it).

But I don’t know what to post first, I have some ideas for certain days (like after we get our next assignment *my husband is military*), some ideas when I am not sure “I figured that out” yet. Then there are ideas connected to affiliate programs where I am not sure I want to monetize my blog now… (oh I know, crazy huh, a blogger with no former intention to make money from a blog in this century?!). Then there are ideas where it’s very far from the WHY I originally started and I feel guilty about it. And last but not least there are ideas I am not sure somebody would enjoy reading…

Seriously, blogging is not as easy as it looks :D.

So, I am sipping my fourth or fifth cup of tea, sitting in my bed (I mean, comfy first) and panicking. Like my whole me is in a weird panic mode.

I really admire those people who decided to blog full time and make living out of it! It’s not a full-time job, it’s 24/7 job!

I also think this digital age is putting waaaaaay too much pressure on us. We have to have perfect pictures but be genuine, to have an exciting life but still have something to relate to other people, perfect post, perfect manicure, pedicure, sunshine, smile,… uff.

Well, let me tell ya I got a headache just thinking about it. (Actually, I mostly get a neck pain + my trapezius is (are?) killing me). And then I have only two options. 1) I get sick OR 2) I slow down, turn off all media, sit on a bed (couch, floor, whatever works) and stare at a wall.


I do nothing but stare at a wall. And all of the virtual mess is just running around my mind like a crazy woman, bumping into all the walls, trying to get my attention.

Over the years when I was stressing out (which was probably ever since I was aware of being alive) I realized if I want to “team up” with somebody, I have to team up with myself first.

And team up is about listening, right?!

I know so many people (including me, once in a while) who simply ignore everything their body is trying to tell them. Well, it doesn’t work, babes. Not in a long run.

So exactly the same way how we try to listen to our gut, (as I said here) we should listen to our body. And relax in quite.

Yep, in quiet.

No TV, no silly games, no hanging out with friends. OR by some physical activity (your choice :P) if that works for you.

I know, it’s quite uncomfortable to be only with your mind, thoughts, fears AND to be in quite. It freaked me out the first couple times I’ve done that! But trust me, it’s worth it. You learn how to distress more easily, more quickly and you become more productive if you keep doing this :).

Or at least I hope because that worked on me.

What I love the most is Social Media Detox. I turn off everything (even better when I hide my phone) for at least a whole day. And since I live in Wichita Falls (AKA in the middle of nowhere *still like it here, dear Wichita Falls peeps*) there is about zero chance I bump into somebody.

So how to do a Social Media Detox? Just listen to your body and do it. As easy as that. (I hope you didn’t really expect some super secret recipe). BTW my husband has no social media, how crazy is that, huh?! 🙂

I guess my message today is if you want to team up (#teamupgirl explanation here) you gotta team up with yourself first :). And yes, you got that time! (Or you got an excuse, pick what you like better, you can’t have both).

Btw if you are such a sucker for silly Social Media # and you use them as an excuse to have some good Piňa Colada, donuts or celebrate the yummy bacon… I got free downloadable Social Media Calendar for you to sync to your calendar by one click! It has the super cool #hashtags already there 🙂

I literally made it just for fun and my Instagram (because I loooove Instagram) but… I guess you can use it too :D. And I know, I am talking about the SM Detox and then I give you # calendar. Haha, well, that’s just me. #DontJudge

See ya,


Why should you trust your gut? Everything is fine!

Why should you trust your gut? Everything is fine!

Hey lovely,

I just got off the phone with my friend. She got into a REALLY unfortunate situation. And I was trying to comfort her, maybe give her some advice, or just to be there for her…

It did make me think, though, about my “unfortunate situations”.

I mean, we all have been there, am I right?!

You don’t understand. You are all: “Why is this happening to me, why right now, why, why, why…” and “this is so unfair, I don’t deserve this…”. Well, let me tell ya something.

When I lived in Boston I met a guy (eh-uh-so-typical-for-me) and he was sooooo sweet, nice, polite, smart (I mean MIT guy, hello!), attentive, not annoying, happy to share his dinner (ehm, yes, I eat million times a day) and seemed “too good to be true” if you know what I mean.

But I was still doubting something. You just have that feeling.

On our fourth date, while sitting in a car, he told me that since he was military (which I knew and didn’t mind) he was being stationed to Texas. In less than a month. CRAP!

I was an au-pair living in Boston, extending there for another year with my host family. Planning on going to college there afterward.

And if you know me, you know I got pissed off. Like REALLY pissed off. Because I thought he was just playing with me. You know, like having *fun* for the last month in Boston. I mean, why did he ask me out if he knew this?!

His only luck was us being in the car on the highway.

Long story short.

After 3 months of being apart he asked me if I want (and can) move in with him. It made sense to give it a shot better earlier than later. I didn’t extend with my family (#StillMissYouGuys). After another 3 months I was living in Texas. I was there for a month and then I had to go back to the Czech Republic because my visa expired.

Then I came back to the U.S. again for 90 days and before I was about to leave again… he proposed to me.

Now we are happily marrily (haha) living together. Our marriage is like a funny fairy tale.

Don’t take me wrong, we fight, kick things and play the game of my-ego-is-more-important-than-yours. However, we always realize that “we” are more important than ego that and make up.

Trust your gut

So, yes. It really sucked.

I cried my eyes out when he told me he was leaving because I didn’t know whether I am ever gonna see him again or not. I cried because we met once a month for Saturday and half of Sunday. I cried because I had to leave Boston. I cried because I didn’t know what’s gonna happen.

But I wouldn’t have planned it better for myself. And I have more examples of this but not for today’s story.

I might not know all the reasons why something bad is happening to you right now, why there are wars, why your relative gets sick, why you bankrupted, why your ex broke up with you…

Once in a while we all get into a super crapy situation and don’t see the reasons. And you don’t have to. I kinda think you are not supposed to see them right away anyway. Sometimes “to trust the process” is the only answer to your “why?!”.

If you believe in God, then trust him that he wants the best for you. If you don’t believe in God, trust the universe or whatever you call it.

It’s part of the process.

And seriously, when something bad happened to you and turned out to be the best thing at the end?

“When everything seems to be falling apart, maybe it’s finally falling into place.”  <– (click to Tweet) 

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