How To Emphasize the Woman In You?

How To Emphasize the Woman In You?

Hello lovely,

you know, my last post actually got me thinking. Surprising? I am not saying that I am so awesome that I inspire myself. Nope. I just kinda felt obligated to do exactly what I told you to do.

I made my list and I crossed off everything that didn’t belong there, added a couple more things and decided to finally make new steps. I even created my “Bali” jar and got $5 there! (I didn’t have more cash)

When I was first thinking about TEAm up GIRL it was never supposed to be about me. I wanted to create a community of women supporting women. I didn’t really know how exactly, though. And not that I know now but I decided to make some changes and innovations and I hope you’ll like it! I would be more than happy if you embrace the woman in you and connect with all the other girls 🙂 



I decided I’d be publishing my new posts on Mondays. I actually read an article that said people read blog posts on Mondays at 11 am (I am surprised the world doesn’t stop moving if everybody is reading). And if it’s on Pinterest, I believe it, right?!


I don’t want to be posting only my posts about myself and blah blah blah. I said community, right? Well, the community is not going to get created by itself. So, I am creating a new category (with a new page within the blog posts) about us. It’s called “TEAm Efforts”.

how to emphasize the woman

TEAm Efforts:

I just want to share more stories from my virtual (not imaginary) friends. And blogger friends. Not only that but also I think there are SO many girl organizations, charities, girl-bosses, girl businesses etc. Everything that has something to do with a girl and was created by somebody else but me! Every Thursday you can expect a new post here.



If you felt inspired and you want to write a post* about your story, you want to be featured as the Blogger of the Week in our FB group OR featured as a #teamupboss,  contact me on my new “WORK WITH ME” page.
*About the guest posts – if it’s better for you, you don’t have to share any of my posts. Or feel free to write me even if you don’t have a blog at all!



Community, right? As I already mentioned. I will share:

1) Blogger of the Week – once a week (obvi) under the hashtag #teamupgirl I’ll share my personal opinion and recommendation on a girl blogger + a link to her favorite post. I will share newbies as well as bloggers with bigger follow. I want us to connect!

2) Badass Boss – could be a charity, organization, your girl-boss company, …once a month under #teamupboss. You can give me suggestions (or suggest yourself) and I will share the website + again my opinion/recommendation. You never know, maybe you’ll find your wedding photographer in my group!

3) Women change the world – Did you know that the trash can with the pedal was invented by a woman? Well, neither did I. I think we should embrace how amazing women are and what we’ve done in the past because guys don’t talk about it. The more we know about other women, the more courageous we can feel! This will start in October under the hashtag #womenchangetheworldteam

If you are not a part of our Facebook Community, you can join us HERE. 

With all of them feel free to use the hashtags when relevant on your Instagram posts, I’ll check them once a week and I’ll be more likely consider you as the next featured person!

Talking about Instagram.



there is just one note, things regarding TEAm up GIRL will be happening mostly in my story. Like follow Friday etc. (I want to tag my fave Insta peeps). 

Lots of love,


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Why To Be Part of Girl Boss Community?

Why To Be Part of Girl Boss Community?

Hi everyone,

You know… I realized that moving to another country doesn’t always have to be as fun as it sounds. Especially, if you move to Wichita Falls where you don’t know anybody… and it’s kinda in the middle of nowhere and nobody really wants to get to know you (and you don’t want to get to know them)! Except Frankie, thanks God for Frankie (GIRL, I really appreciate you)! ANYWAY, I am not about to complain. Actually, exactly the opposite. 

In the last 6 months I’ve met SO many amazing girls, mostly girlbosses, or becoming girlbosses, girls who want to achieve something, girls who are going after something, girls who don’t just talk about what they want but they go after it every single day, girls that inspire me everyday, lift me up when I am down and encourage me in following my dreams. I feel SO lucky that I have found them, this community, because I don’t think I would believe in myself enough not having these people virtually *around me*. Even if only as an inspiration that it IS possible.

To name just few from top of my head:

Celeste from Lace and Sparkls who is just the cutest person ever!

Lauren from Ell Duclos who is going after her dream and is trying SO hard to achieve it and change her future!

Taylor from Taylor M Harrison who is writing a book! A book! (So basically she’s doing something that has always been my dream and I am honestly SO excited for you, Taylor!).

I mean, I also have my hubby who is amazing and supportive (and he’s such a good boy to read my blog regularly :-*) but he has his own bag of sh*t with the whole Air Force 😀 and let me tell ya it’s not exactly an entrepreneurship/you-make-your-own-choice oriented environment. It’’s more “suck it up and go”. 

And I don’t think I have achieved something big and now I am from all the sudden rich, famous, super successful and blah blah blah. NO. I am still at the beginning of my journey, still learning and still finding out every day “You know nothing John Snow” (#GameOfThronesObsessed). BUT I am so happy and proud of myself that I’ve made that first step. I launched the blog, I launched the graphic & website design studio, I am planning trips around the world. Aaaaah I am so excited that I am jumping around here right now :D.

So if you made it here, I just want to tell you again: YOU CAN DO THIS! Whatever it is. No matter how many enemies and obstacles might be waiting for you out there. No matter how much you’ll think you suck before you start. You can do this if you absolutely want it! And if there is something you can do for it today, just go and do it! Because I wish everybody felt how I feel right now when I am writing this post! (No promises for tomorrow, I still get the bad days haha). And make sure you have the right people, the inspiring people around you! And if you still doubt yourself, get your butt over to my last post where I talk about making the decision. 



P.S. The next post is going to be an amazing guest post from one of my *virtual* friends  🙂

Women & Men. Why Is It Awesome To Be Different?

Women & Men. Why Is It Awesome To Be Different?

Ok, this week’s topic was bothering me for quite a while now and I have to get it out.
As I said before, I am not a feminist but I don’t like when somebody acts like “difference is a problem”. Let’s take a workspace as an example.

What’s up with women and men at work? Why would EVER somebody didn’t want to hire a woman? Because we are emotional, because we can get pregnant, because we can get attached?
Well unless we really mess up or have to do some unwanted heavy lifting, there is no reason to hire a man instead.

And I don’t want to just blame it on men. I mean, depending on the situation. But honestly, we are also doing it to ourselves. YES!
Emma Watson once said: “Women feel like we need a permission… We need to lead and change that.” And she couldn’t be more right.

That’s how I felt my whole life. I need a permission to do this, to do that, to start this, to exist. And it worked… pretty sh*itty. Even when I spoke with my mom after I got married she said: “Well maybe you should ask Zach, it’s his apartment.” NO!!!

It is OUR apartment and by marrying me he agreed on it. It’s our couch, our bed, our closet, our money. Yes, I am not gonna be a b*tch and spend all of the money he made (because I wasn’t allowed to work before) on my new wardrobe… but I do NOT need to ask him to re-arrange the inside of the kitchen cabinets when I am the one who cooks more anyway.

He manages money, I make our place home. He takes out the trash, I grocery shop. He cleans up the dishes, I cook. I clean up the bathroom, he vacuums. And yes, even though he spends about 12 hours a day at work (*update – I do work now too yaay), everything we do at home is ½ and ½.

We both live here, we both make mess, we both want to keep our home nice and clean. And the best of all? He understands that.

However, do you think he would just assume and do all of that just because? Well, maybe. He’s sweet. And I am thrilled to have him. But he has a different perspective on things. So I asked him (actually, multiple times about certain things haha). I explained him why I think this balance is important. And he gets it. And that’s why I respect him so much (and sometimes I even vacuum instead of him haha).


So back to the workspace.

I get it, girls and boys are different. We have boobs, guys not really (I mean, mostly…). Guys have *something* and girls don’t.  Yes, we are also different with our behavior, intuition, the way of dealing with stress, tasks and blah, blah, blah… but that is THE BEST.

We should be SO happy and SO grateful we are not the same!

Are you seriously asking “why”? Well because that’s how we ALL win. Have you ever listened to Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar? (I looooove them). Because they knew that the power is in couples (not necessarily romantic couples). The power is in the differences. The power is in us together. Because you guys have flows, we girls have flows. And remember? We are different, therefore with pretty easy math, we could have different flows. And that’s how you fill up a gap.

You know what? Ask any powerful married man if he ever used at work something his wife figured out. And ask any powerful married women the same. If they say “no” they are either lying or in a not very happy marriage.


What I’m trying to say.

Girls, be happy we are different and guys you be happy some more. And embrace the differences. Don’t try to be the same as the opposite sex. Because we were meant to be equal partners from the very beginning. And we couldn’t exist without each other. As humans, as partners, as co-workers.

Ah… that feels so good to get it out of my chest! And if you agree, feel free to comment below. Or actually, even if you don’t, I am curious what other people think 🙂



Women Are Better Together As A Team

Women Are Better Together As A Team

Hey sista!

This post kinda sounds like my big wish written down.

I believe girls and women should cooperate worldwide. I want us to work as a TEAM (obvi). I want us to help each other, to have each other’s back.

I would like us to be brave enough to go and ask that women, who looks obviously heartbroken, “Can I help you?” even if we don’t know her. Maybe just to listen to her story how she just found out that her husband was cheating on her. Perhaps to give her a tissue, buy her a drink… Anything but laugh behind her back. Anything but to say to our self: “She must’ve been reeeeeeally bad wife. That would’ve never ever happened to me”. I mean, how do YOU know?!

Maybe it would make our life way easier, don’t ya think?! Having this “secret help sisterhood” no matter where you are. Instead of the judgmental looks AKA what-an-embarrassment-that-she-is-crying.

I don’t want women to act like we are still on high school (unless you’re still there, you gotta go through that phase babe).

We don’t need to call each other b*tch “because it’s fun” (because it’s not). We don’t need to use the information “she” gave us to take her down. Neither do we need to scan her from a top of the head to the toe just to make her feel awkward. We don’t need to ignore her talking just because.

Aaaaagh. How I quite-a-lot-dislike those girls! They make you feel like you’d punch them in the face! (Girl, you can’t imagine how CLOSE I got couple time and not THAT long ago… I might have some anger problems haha). They make you doubt yourself. Do I look bad? Do I look fat? Do I have something between my teeth?

Destroy the stereotypes about women:

  • Am I a bad wife because I don’t cook every night? NO.
  • Am I a bad wife because I ask my husband to clean up the house? NO.
  • Am I fat if I don’t fit in size 2? NO.
  • Am I ugly because I don’t look like Kate Moss? NO.
  • When I see another woman, do I have to compare myself? Do I have to judge? Do I have to turn on my “defense” mode? NO, NO, NO!

And I could keep going on this list… because that was my list for a very, very, VERY long time. Yes, there are for sure some people who (for you) are impossible to be liked and I get it. I got mine, too. But why to feel that way about strangers? Or people you barely know? There is about minus five reasons to do so.

Girl, we are being bullied by the government, by the tampon sellers, by the shampoo sellers, by the freaking employers. We DON’T need to “bully” each other! And maybe it’s just me who thinks it’s about time to change it… but I do. I don’t know how, but I’ll definitely try.

But actually, it doesn’t matter what I (alone) think… it does, though, what YOU think, what WE all think.

So, if you agree at least a bit, let’s #teamupgirl in our Facebook group and let me know who’s your woman inspiration or who’s the woman who always has your back! (or both, since we need those 🙂 )

Lots of love,


P.S. If you really like this post and agree 100%, please, share this post. It makes my day brighter & maybe helps to somebody else to realize it’s time for a change :-*. 

women are better together team
We Can Be Perfectly Imperfect TeamUpGirls

We Can Be Perfectly Imperfect TeamUpGirls

Hey chica!

My name is Kate and I am a strong believer we should enjoy every sip of our life-tea. Of course, we tend to forget and get all wrapped up in our drama. So that’s why I am here for – to tell you, I do, too. Yes girl. I do struggle, too.

Are you surprised? Well, I want you to know that’s the point. I want you to know that we can be perfectly imperfect.I spent years and years trying to pretend I am a perfect daughter, a perfect student, a perfect girlfriend, I got it all, I know everything AND I don’t need anybody (I could probably write master’s thesis on the last one). Girl, it was SO exhaustive!

It felt SO damn good to realize I am not perfect and I am not the only one.

Now you are probably all like: “Sooo, what am I doing here? I have just enough troubles of my own, I don’t need to hear about somebody else’s troubles”. Well, you do & you don’t. I am certainly not going to complain here (maybe just a little haha). Neither am I gonna tell ya how to live your life. I’m sorry if that’s what you were looking for. Neither am I gonna tell ya how to live your life. I’m sorry if that’s what you were looking for.

I want you

To laugh about your life story (whatever it is you’re doing) and I am going to show you HOW I am doing it. I mean, do you think you are the only one who’s thinking about laundry while you’re trying so hard to meditate?! Or the only one who hates to clean up the bathroom and cook dinner every single night?! Well, think again.  I really want you to find out you have the I really want you to find out you have the

I really want you to find out you have the I really want you to find out you have the inner power to do everything you want (if you actually want it!). Get that job, travel the world, break up with that a-holl who is slowly killing you inside OR find another A-holl who turns out to be your A-mazing husband. NO, you stop that “But I can’t…” thought process RIGHT NOW!

I am SO

Not going to be all about unicorns, fireworks & how everything I touch turns into gold.Or some do-this-do-that-and-you-will-be-happy-forever guide. HECK NO! I do think I live quite perfect life right now, but it didn’t turn out to be that way just by sitting on my butt, complaining around, admiring myself in a mirror and smiling all around (although there was quite a bit of laughing at myself and about an ocean of tears).

Girl, I am going to be no more and no less than honest with ya. I might even tell you more than you want to know (yep, that sounds like me). I am going to share my real-life-totally-imperfect stories, my super weird thoughts, my oh-my-god-I-wish-I-knew-it-before tips & tricks and hope you might laugh, cry, think, learn or just get another perspective.

I want you to know, you are not alone in this.

So last but not least, I want you to discover the power of women empowering women. No, I do not consider myself a feminist. I do think men are amazing, sweet, super smart and horrible at the same time (that’s probably why I dated so many of them haha). But I also know that every one and each of us has the “inner b*tch”. And yep, that’s kinda ruining the game because we can achieve so MUCH more if we use each other’s back as a support rather than to talk bad behind it.

A bit about me

Oh, and BTW I lived for 23 years in the Czech Republic (that’s why the name), unhappy, quite unhealthy (pretending the opposite), with a big loan to pay off, not finished college degree, about 20 failed relationships (ok, maybe it wasn’t that many, certainly it felt that way)…. and then I decided to be who I am today (I call it myself).

I completely changed my life, moved to the USA, lost about 20 pounds (yes!), got married to my best friend, fell in love with traveling and I am about to launch my own online business! And most of all I am very happy and grateful for EVERY DAY. So, grab yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger if you will…), sit back and let’s #teamupgirl!

Also, grab my FREE e-book 8 TIPS FOR HAPPIER DAILY LIFE below. 



P.S. If I make mistakes, I am sorry, but I call it a learning process. 🙂

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