Hi everyone,

You know… I realized that moving to another country doesn’t always have to be as fun as it sounds. Especially, if you move to Wichita Falls where you don’t know anybody… and it’s kinda in the middle of nowhere and nobody really wants to get to know you (and you don’t want to get to know them)! Except Frankie, thanks God for Frankie (GIRL, I really appreciate you)! ANYWAY, I am not about to complain. Actually, exactly the opposite. 

In the last 6 months I’ve met SO many amazing girls, mostly girlbosses, or becoming girlbosses, girls who want to achieve something, girls who are going after something, girls who don’t just talk about what they want but they go after it every single day, girls that inspire me everyday, lift me up when I am down and encourage me in following my dreams. I feel SO lucky that I have found them, this community, because I don’t think I would believe in myself enough not having these people virtually *around me*. Even if only as an inspiration that it IS possible.

To name just few from top of my head:

Celeste from Lace and Sparkls who is just the cutest person ever!

Lauren from Ell Duclos who is going after her dream and is trying SO hard to achieve it and change her future!

Taylor from Taylor M Harrison who is writing a book! A book! (So basically she’s doing something that has always been my dream and I am honestly SO excited for you, Taylor!).

I mean, I also have my hubby who is amazing and supportive (and he’s such a good boy to read my blog regularly :-*) but he has his own bag of sh*t with the whole Air Force 😀 and let me tell ya it’s not exactly an entrepreneurship/you-make-your-own-choice oriented environment. It’’s more “suck it up and go”. 

And I don’t think I have achieved something big and now I am from all the sudden rich, famous, super successful and blah blah blah. NO. I am still at the beginning of my journey, still learning and still finding out every day “You know nothing John Snow” (#GameOfThronesObsessed). BUT I am so happy and proud of myself that I’ve made that first step. I launched the blog, I launched the graphic & website design studio, I am planning trips around the world. Aaaaah I am so excited that I am jumping around here right now :D.

So if you made it here, I just want to tell you again: YOU CAN DO THIS! Whatever it is. No matter how many enemies and obstacles might be waiting for you out there. No matter how much you’ll think you suck before you start. You can do this if you absolutely want it! And if there is something you can do for it today, just go and do it! Because I wish everybody felt how I feel right now when I am writing this post! (No promises for tomorrow, I still get the bad days haha). And make sure you have the right people, the inspiring people around you! And if you still doubt yourself, get your butt over to my last post where I talk about making the decision. 



P.S. The next post is going to be an amazing guest post from one of my *virtual* friends  🙂

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