Put your sh*t together and get it done!

So I am thinking whether this is the name of my blog post or is it just my inner voice yelling at me. I don’t know how about you peeps (this is my favorite word only because of Lucas -my previous host kid- used to use it all the time and it stuck in my head) but this summer went by sooooooo freaking quickly.

I mean yes, I managed to travel quite a bit. Not to brag about myself or anything but I feel pretty good about my New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France trip. Especially, after I was “stuck” in Wichita Falls for the last… hmmm… 9 months?!

Not only I got to see my family and friends but my dear hubby finally has met them! (Hip hip hurraaaay!).

Anyway, besides that, I also managed to be behind on everything. EVERYTHING! Except for food,  I think I ate enough food in advance and should be good until Christmas. (How convenient. At least I’ll have more time to catch up on other stuff now that I don’t have to eat!)

So how do you catch up on your to-do list? Or even better, how do you catch up on your dream list?

Hard. Hardly ever?

I don’t think there is some other option. Have you ever thought about it? I bet there is no day in your calendar when a new task (or new dream-pursuing-task) doesn’t pop up. There is always some more laundry to do, shelves to dust or Gilmore Girls to watch. Wait a minute, that’s not a task! Ok, delete the Gilmore Girls.

But am I right?!

If not, I owe you a PSL. And if you don’t like PSL… well, I’ll make the sacrifice and have one on you.

So I hope by now you are getting pretty stressed out and you are thinking “why the heck am I even reading this?!”. Hmmm… maybe just because you already saw all the new Instagram posts, Facebook feed is a mess and you still have some time to kill before you go home from work.

put sht together get done

Don’t take me wrong, I am honored you decided to spend your time reading this. Even if it’s your work time. Or workout time.

So back to the to-do-dream-list.

If you can, put your lists next to you right now. If you don’t have it with you, make a new one. If you’ve never had one (or five) make fresh one RIGHT NOW! And wait for the next steps in my instructions.


Master Plan List:


1. Make sure you have your list


2. Cross off everything you actually don’t want to do

Do you really want to jump out of the plane? Win the cheeseburger eating contest? Run a marathon? Run a marathon after you win cheeseburger eating contest? Be honest and really cross off all of the “dreams” and things you think it would be cool to do but you actually don’t want to do it!


3. Cross off everything unnecessary

Do you need to iron your socks? (You are probably laughing but my mom irons TOWELS!)

You just simply don’t. Probably, you don’t need to iron at all. Unless you have to wear shirts. Then I guess you should iron or bring it to dry cleaners. But you probably don’t have to wear shirts. I haven’t had iron in my hand since 2012. I simply don’t iron. It just gets all wrinkly while you drive from your apartment to work. (AKA from bed to the kitchen for me)

So who knows if you even ironed at the first place?!


4. Cross off everything that has been sitting on your to do list since 2005.

Seriously, you are NOT going to do it. Unless it was “get drunk with my parents” and you just turned 21.

I am talking about “plant flowers in the front yard”, “go to yoga class”, “learn French”, “learn how to knit”, “learn how to cook”. Unless you go to the yoga class this week, where you meet your new gardener Paolo, followed by French knitting club where you talk about cooking. Otherwise just CROSS IT OFF.

Or you wanna go to Bali? Well, then make research today. What do you need, when is the best time to go, …? Put up a jar to save up money, get your passport application going. Start today or… cross it off. All of it.


5. Cross off everything your mom (or dad) told you should do and you have zero interest in doing so

Unless you still live with them. It is your list, your life, your hair! (Ignore the hair)


6. What’s left?

I would say cross it off but I want you to have something to worry about.


7. What would make you really happy if it just magically disappeared from your list? Cross it off

Unless it’s to pay bills, I think everybody should pay their bills and also shower and shave. And if you feel like it, you can pay my bills as well. I promise I can manage to shower and shave by myself.  

You know what I mean.

If you simply can’t cross it off, think if you can delegate it. Like.. you don’t have to go to see your child’s play if you really don’t want to because you have a headache and you’ve seen 6 plays last year and there are 5 more to come this year. But make your husband (mom, grandma, sister, neighbor…) go! (Really, your kid needs to see somebody there for him/her, It really used to upset me whenever I had a concert and nobody was there for me).


8. Recycle.

I mean it. I saved you SO much time so you could use at least a little bit of it to put your plastic bottles to a separate garbage can. It’s not that hard. Or just don’t buy plastic bottles at all if you are lazy to recycle.


That was a fun game, wasn’t it? I don’t want you to become a goal-less, useless, lazy creature. I only want you to be honest with yourself. I know me and if you like my posts you are probably at least a little bit like me. Even if just teeny tiny bit. I know I love creating lists that go on and on and on… so give yourself a break, cross off all the bulsh*t and focus on what you actually and really want/have to do. And recycling.


Love you,



P.S. If you still have some time left before you go home, check out my fave books in this post! 

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