Why is self-care SO important for us.


“This sounds all good but I don’t have time for that.” —> does this sound like you? Yes, I’ve been there, too, girl! Especially if you are an entrepreneur, mom, or actually pretty much anybody who does SOMETHING in life.

It is so darn easy to put everything else first before ourselves. Your business, husband, kids, boyfriend, parents, dog, cat, cleaning the house… name it and I can assure you there is a girl that would put THAT on her “to-do” list before herself.

The truth is, the more you neglect yourself, the less energy you have for others. Because sooner or later, you are gonna have to take a break or quit because you won’t be able to breathe.

Wouldn’t it be much better to take care of yourself first and have tons of energy for others as well?

I bet it would.

It’s crazy how much my life has changed ever since I started putting ME in the first place. I am not saying you should be arrogant, ignorant or mean. NOT AT ALL! I am saying you should take a break for yourself every day and do something that makes you happy, that makes you energized that makes you feel good about yourself and love your life.

I work for myself from home so the schedule is pretty much on me. I know it sounds fabulous but I used to be the worst boss ever. I didn’t eat, didn’t drink, didn’t exercise and didn’t take time to talk to my friends.. oh I didn’t even change from the pajamas some days! #TheStruggleIsReal

The result was: I felt awful, stressed and overwhelmed. Also, I couldn’t sleep.

I am not perfect in this self-care routine yet but ever since I started going to a yoga class 3 times a week (usually around the lunch time), I started taking breaks for water, food, make-up… I feel MUCH better.

Also, I implemented listening to podcasts and reading (again).

You can do a little meditation, journal, listen to a podcast, read, sing, dance, take a work out class, take a bubble bath, do your nails… whatever makes you feel good and you do it by yourself!

self-care important for you

And if you really think you don’t have the time or you simply can’t because of somebody… it’s not true. The somebody is you. I am sure if you explain to your loved ones WHY do you need to take a couple of minutes (or hours) to yourself to keep your sanity they would understand because they love you! AND you will love them even more because you’ll have the mental space for it once you start taking care of yourself 🙂

I am starting a new morning and evening routine this week so I’ll keep you posted y’all (haha the Texas life is growing on me:P ) and see you in the next post! OR the one after that. Basically, I’ll be talking about my new routines and some time very soon!

In the meantime, you can come and hang out with us in and watch my FB live video HERE. 






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