I know, I know…

…this is probably not suuuuuper significant or interesting for anybody but me (and Zach, my husband) but I still wanna give you the answer to why Team up Girl. 

It took me forever, and by that I mean FOREVER, to come up with a blog name. I didn’t want it to be anything related to my name… because, you know, it’s not about me. I mean, I write about me, but it’s not about me. You got it, right?! (Yep, I like confusing others and myself as well.)

I started “smart” with a list of things that I like and that are related to me & the things the blog will be about. I googled that’s how people do it (obvi). I wrote down literally everything (even words like man, wife, excuses, story…) and highlighted the ones that stood out.

And then we were brainstorming (me, myself &I… and Zach).

For hours, for days, for weeks. As a result I only got upset cause I didn’t know what to do (typical). I couldn’t buy a domain, I couldn’t make a logo, therefore I couldn’t make another step. I got overwhelmed. And since I knew I’d have to go through this process with my future graphic design & virtual assistant business as well, I began to think about that name.

Surprisingly I got it right away when doing laundry. CreaTEAve Media. PERFECT! So, instead of celebrating, I was angry at myself. “Of course, you can come up with THAT Kate, but what about something you need right NOW?!” . After I finally stopped my you-are-such-a-bad-person-Kate talk I literally heard “TEAm up GIRL”.

Wait a minute?!

TEA – that’s what I love and spend my days with.
GIRL– that’s my target audience (women, girls, whatevs, we were all once girls).
TEAM UP– that’s what I want us to do, team up because women are better together.
TEA GIRL – that’s me!

Tamtadadaaaaaa freworks & unicorns. YAY!!! (Not to mention it’s cohesive with my CreaTEAve Media).

So, don’t get caught up in self-bad-talk if you can’t come up with a solution. Give yourself a break for once.



P.S. If you struggle with your blog name, business name or just handle for social media, send me a message, I might have some super-juicy advice. Cause yeah, the process was WAY longer than I described here!

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