Hey sista!

This post kinda sounds like my big wish written down.

I believe girls and women should cooperate worldwide. I want us to work as a TEAM (obvi). I want us to help each other, to have each other’s back.

I would like us to be brave enough to go and ask that women, who looks obviously heartbroken, “Can I help you?” even if we don’t know her. Maybe just to listen to her story how she just found out that her husband was cheating on her. Perhaps to give her a tissue, buy her a drink… Anything but laugh behind her back. Anything but to say to our self: “She must’ve been reeeeeeally bad wife. That would’ve never ever happened to me”. I mean, how do YOU know?!

Maybe it would make our life way easier, don’t ya think?! Having this “secret help sisterhood” no matter where you are. Instead of the judgmental looks AKA what-an-embarrassment-that-she-is-crying.

I don’t want women to act like we are still on high school (unless you’re still there, you gotta go through that phase babe).

We don’t need to call each other b*tch “because it’s fun” (because it’s not). We don’t need to use the information “she” gave us to take her down. Neither do we need to scan her from a top of the head to the toe just to make her feel awkward. We don’t need to ignore her talking just because.

Aaaaagh. How I quite-a-lot-dislike those girls! They make you feel like you’d punch them in the face! (Girl, you can’t imagine how CLOSE I got couple time and not THAT long ago… I might have some anger problems haha). They make you doubt yourself. Do I look bad? Do I look fat? Do I have something between my teeth?

Destroy the stereotypes about women:

  • Am I a bad wife because I don’t cook every night? NO.
  • Am I a bad wife because I ask my husband to clean up the house? NO.
  • Am I fat if I don’t fit in size 2? NO.
  • Am I ugly because I don’t look like Kate Moss? NO.
  • When I see another woman, do I have to compare myself? Do I have to judge? Do I have to turn on my “defense” mode? NO, NO, NO!

And I could keep going on this list… because that was my list for a very, very, VERY long time. Yes, there are for sure some people who (for you) are impossible to be liked and I get it. I got mine, too. But why to feel that way about strangers? Or people you barely know? There is about minus five reasons to do so.

Girl, we are being bullied by the government, by the tampon sellers, by the shampoo sellers, by the freaking employers. We DON’T need to “bully” each other! And maybe it’s just me who thinks it’s about time to change it… but I do. I don’t know how, but I’ll definitely try.

But actually, it doesn’t matter what I (alone) think… it does, though, what YOU think, what WE all think.

So, if you agree at least a bit, let’s #teamupgirl in our Facebook group and let me know who’s your woman inspiration or who’s the woman who always has your back! (or both, since we need those 🙂 )

Lots of love,


P.S. If you really like this post and agree 100%, please, share this post. It makes my day brighter & maybe helps to somebody else to realize it’s time for a change :-*. 

women are better together team

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